Here are a few bullets summarizing what High Noon Forge can offer:

• Sales leads for local businesses.
• Get the tools, words, and messaging you need to succeed.
• Internet Marketing Done For You, So You Can Attend To Business.
• Email marketing messages: Product blasts, service series, differentiation.
• Press releases: Need a competitive edge? SEO boost? Start an online PR series.
• Blogging: Build your thought leadership with fresh, relevant social content.
• Marketing automation: Set up a platform/system to automatically attract and nurture new sales prospects, convert them to customers, and retain them. Surprisingly affordable tech.
• CRM: Fine tune your Customer Relationship Management System to improve your service & reputation
• SEO: Could be a simple matter of showing you what you’re not doing and getting you started
• And more: Social media, ideas about economical video creation, how to inexpensively support your content with quality images